ITAR M32211
Cage Code OOEU5
US/Canada 0025663
ISO Compliant

For over 40 years, Ideal Instrument has been fabricating and machining syntactic foams. Syntactic foams contain microspheres or micro balloons and a polyester or epoxy binder used in industrial, scientific and military applications where buoyancy or acoustics are required. These foams can be found in AUVs, ROVs, UUVs, HOVs, sensors, transponders, towed arrays and buoys which are used in oceanographic research, deep and shallow water recovery, mine sweeping and other military applications.

Our ability to use solid surface files allows us to machine directly from the engineer’s desktop. We can produce larger parts from smaller blocks of material by bonding them together. In addition, we will custom make inserts of our own design or to your specifications from composite material, stainless steel or titanium. If required, we will fiberglass, paint and mark your parts.

Our resume of syntactic foams include;

  • Engineered Syntactic Systems AZ, BZ, HZ and Macrofoam
  • CMT vacuum forming materials
  • Trelleborg EL, EF, TG, DS and MK 48 foams
  • Utility Development Synfoams
  • Diab Divinicell
  • Gurit Corecell
  • General Plastics Last-A-Foam, rigid and flexible.

Syntactic Foam and Eccofloat

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